I’m feeling a little curious no, not that kind of curious! I have some questions in mind, I would like to ask and I’m curious, if your interpretation of these questions will be any different from mine or perhaps someone else’s. Don’t worry the questions are so easy and this is not a test! There are no wrong answers and no one is judging besides me, kidding! I hope these questions put things into perspective. If they don’t, not to worry you’re just special! So here are the questions:

1.What makes you happy?

2.What makes you sad?

3.What brings you peace?

That’s it! I told you they were easy questions! Now, you can take a deep breath, relax and think about your answers (or not) and just amuse me with your humor! But, I guess it’s only fair that I answer the questions too. So, here are my answers and don’t you dare copy!

What makes me happy?

Many things make me happy but if I have to choose one  (the most important one) I’ll say, inner peace! Without it, how could you be truly happy? You can appear happy but is that happiness the same as buying a purse kinda happy? No! That, kinda happiness is not meant to last happiness needs to come within!

What makes me sad?

Ugliness, no not ugly people! Ugly souls. Some people are so vicious, so cruel, so mean (Yes, you know the kind!) it makes me wonder if they are actually born that way? Can it be possible that some people are naturally born with so much negativity already in-bedded in them? I believe our life experiences are what guide us to lead the paths we choose for ourselves! I believe that at the end of the day, no matter what your experiences have been, you are in control of your life, your choices, your decisions!

What makes me feel at peace?

My family! Everyone from my husband, my children, my parents and siblings! They all make me feel at peace! They are my safety and security! No matter what the circumstances I know they will always be there for me as I am for them! They love me, unconditionally, and without them I am lost. Their is nothing bigger than family (besides God) our love and unity!


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