20170419_073829What to talk about when your mind is blank! I have my coffee in hand, laptop ready, and nothing…  Nothing to say! Does that ever happen to you? The thing is, I always have something to say my mind never stops. It’s like I’m mentally on turbo all the time, some of you might know what I’m talking about!

Well, since I’ve decided to make my blogs more of a personal diary I will explain what exactly I’m trying to do. My ultimate goal for my blogs are to inspire, motivate, and maybe even make you smile! I think this is a great way to express myself all while getting to know you too! Sometimes life can get hard, or busy, and although we might be surrounded by loved one or friends we tend to loose ourselves with everyday chaos. I know I do!

When I was younger I really enjoyed writing I kept a diary (with juicy stories truth be told!). I also wrote poetry thanks to one of my cousins that introduced me to it and gave me ideas on what to write, I was like 12 yrs old writing about love! Lol. As I got older my diary got me in trouble I won’t say by who. Let’s just say he was not happy with what he read and I stopped writing after that hahaha… Now, here I am years later giving it another shot and although I’m an amateur I love to write and talk, so here I am!

I like to think I’m easy going, I love to laugh, and I try to always stay positive no matter what! I’m a true believer that if your sad and you make yourself smile, you will automatically feel better and laughter is the best medicine for everything at least it is for me! So my goal in creating my blogs is to inspire you with humor, laughter, and love of course! In a world that isn’t always nice we need find ways to make it better!

With that said I hope you have a better understanding of what I’m trying to accomplish and a taste of my sense of humor! I thank you for your time, hope you have enjoyed, and return for more. Now, let’s all take the time to do something nice for someone else today. It all starts with you and remember it’s those little things in life that make a huge difference or perhaps impact in someone else’s life!!


11 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I think we all get that “WTH do I write now?” thingee all the time. You have coffee, a laptop fired up, a camera and a blank sheet. post away. 🙂


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