The Pleasures of Motherhood



Aw, the pleasures of being a mother…

From, the moment you find out your pregnant, to the moment you give birth, everything changes! It’s like suddenly your a whole different person in the same body with amnesia and not to mention mood swings. Morning sickness creeps up on you, your senses are out of control, and you get cravings that come out of nowhere. Your whole-body changes inside and out, then 9 months later your blessed with your little bundle of joy!

Your excited…  it’s finally here! Now comes the fun part!!

Your waking up at all times of the night for feedings and diaper changes-fun! And you will wake up when it cries all night because it wants to sleep in your arms! The first few nights not a big deal, your bonding, “it’s cute”! Then, as it continues night after night and your zombie-like all you want is rest and sleep! As your falling asleep, baby cries, it is time to feed. Yay! So, the cycle begins all over again…  Eating, sleeping, and crying! Oh, what a joy! You can’t wait until it can feed itself, go potty (in the toilet), and use it’s words instead of crying! Oh, and let’s not forget that while you’re trying to adjust to your new way of life. You might also have another special person in your life. Remember them? The one that helped you conceive your precious thing! They will also require some of your beloved time! So, while you’re busy with chaos and house chores, the world is evolving and your missing out or so it feels that way!

Then, as time goes on and your done with diapers and feedings. You’re on to bigger and better things, like potty training and baby proofing the house. Which is great! Woo-hoo.. to you! Except, your running around now chasing this thing that wants to get into everything. And although your grateful it’s walking, or more like running, you realize this will be much harder than you anticipated. That’s why they call them, “the terrible two’s”!

As years go by it will go through many different phases of life! Problems at school, fighting, attitude – you will quickly figure out that it does not get easier it gets harder in different ways!

Then, come the teenage years! The most fun and challenging of them all.

These years are crucial and likely to define the person they will become. No pressure, right?! What you say or do can change everything from here on. One bad decision and the world can come tumbling down. You will argue, you will disagree and you will cry. You will worry about grades, friends, drugs, drinking, smoking, dating… Oh yeah all the fun stuff! And it will get even harder when your husbands’ on a different page and you can’t manage to keep the peace. Great, double the trouble! You will continuously worry, you will doubt yourself and your duties will never end they will go on and on… It sounds horrible, I know! Makes you wonder why anyone would want to be a mother, it’s insane! But, in-spite of the agony, the pain, sleepless nights, struggles, and the fact that it’s emotionally draining…

Motherhood is the best thing that can ever happen to you!!

From the very moment your child arrives into this world it changes your life completely! It’s like love at first sight! A simple smile will melt your heart and make everything better. When they are happy you are happy, there is nothing else like it. The way they make you feel nobody else can do! Regardless of age your baby will always be YOUR baby and you will treat it that way (even when referred to as their lawyer)! You will want to do everything for them even when they are capable of doing for themselves. When they go out, you will stay up waiting for them to return, you won’t sleep until you know they are safe at home. When they get sick, you will feel it, when they are in pain, it will brake your heart! Watching them grow, taking their first steps, saying their first words, then seeing them transform into the person they will become is both overwhelming and exciting. It is truly an amazing feeling to know you created this child. You carried it for 9 excruciating months, you raised it, loved it, and now your responsible to guide it for the rest of your life.

It’s kinda a big deal!

Every accomplishment of theirs will become an accomplishment for you! It will reassure you that you did something right! You will forget all the hard work you put into it and just be grateful. You will love it unconditionally and it will become your most valuable treasure. Your world will revolve around it and everything it does! The happiness of this child is in your hands and although it is a lifetime commitment you will sacrifice to do it all over again!!

Oh, the joys of being a mother truly are rewarding!!


10 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Motherhood

  1. Wow ! Really beautiful blog post. Your Story is true. I can relate to you. I love being a mother of two. You know your mother when Someone else becomes more important than you.


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