Love me

Tell me you love me, show me you care! Hug me tightly never let go. Whisper softly – into my ear. Caress me gently, while kissing me, dear. Make me love you, the way I once did. Love me forever, I’ll do the same. Be truthful, be honest, and I’ll be grateful you’ll see. Love me … More Love me


What to talk about when your mind is blank! I have my coffee in hand, laptop ready, and nothing…  Nothing to say! Does that ever happen to you? The thing is, I always have something to say my mind never stops. It’s like I’m mentally on turbo all the time, some of you might know … More Introduction


We torture ourselves, when we don’t forgive! We blame the world, the people, any little thing! We can’t sleep, we don’t eat, we try to move on, but how to move on when your just incomplete! We fantasize of what it would be, without these feelings inside, we cry and we pray our life will turn a … More Forgiveness


I’m feeling a little curious no, not that kind of curious! I have some questions in mind, I would like to ask and I’m curious, if your interpretation of these questions will be any different from mine or perhaps someone else’s. Don’t worry the questions are so easy and this is not a test! There … More Curiousity